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IVAN LifeSciences is one of the fastest growing Pharmaceutical Company in India. All products are manufactured through WHO-cGMP and ISO 9001:2008 certified state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.
High quality of our products based on:-

  • Secure Raw material US FDA and EEC approved source
  • Reliable and efficacious processes
  • State-of-art production facilities
  • State-of-art testing equipments

IVAN LifeSciences embodies a very human spirit by always remaining at the forefront to introduce life saving drugs. IVAN LifeSciences name has come to stand for scientific innovation, vision, better quality and integrity. The innovativeness, competitiveness and a will to succeed against all odds are the qualities that are at the heart of IVAN LifeSciences culture.

IVAN LifeSciences always look forward to provide world class quality medicine:-

  • For Patients to access the highest quality medicines at affordable prices. 
  • For Medical Fraternity to Prescribe the world-class quality medicines and support for better care of mankind.
  • For Business Partners to build confidence of always getting world-class quality and competitive prices.
  • For Employees to perform better in providing healthier and quality services to patients and medical fraternity.

our products

  • merovan 1gm

    Merovan 250mg inj

  • ipime tz 1125mg carton

    Ipime tz 1125mg inj

  • ivapan

    Ivapan 40mg Inj

  • levprid-r

    Levprid-R cap

  • sily fix

    Sily Fix tab

  • ivatrip-d

    Ivatrip D tab

  • ipime tz 562mg carton

    Ipime tz 562.50mg inj

  • ipime tz 562mg carton

    Ipime tz 281.25mg inj

  • ivacal inner

    Ivacal Forte cap

  • ivacef tz 1125mg carton

    Ivacef tz 1125mg inj

  • ivaclin 600mg carton

    Ivaclin 600mg inj

  • ivamont fz outer

    Ivamont FX tab

  • Ivanem 125mg Carton

    Ivanem 125mg inj

  • ivanerv 1500mcg carton

    Ivanerv 1500mcg inj

  • ivatol g carton

    Ivatol G 100ml inj

  • ivazone 1_5gm carton

    Ivazone 1.5gm inj

  • lycovan inner

    lycovan cap

  • merovan 1gm

    Merovan 1gm inj

  • mucoset 2m

    Mucoset 2ml inj

  • happynose


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