about us

IVAN LifeSciences is a dynamic company of new century with our commitment towards human health. We have been offering world-class quality medicines and services especially for all kind of diseases. The major chronic therapeutic segments that we cater to are Critical Care, Speciality, Neuro Care, Urology and Gastroenterology.
As a corporate we believe in providing innovative and affordable medicines to health & care problems and possess an entrepreneurial culture to build divisions and products. We retain a specialty marketing process in the Indian Pharma Industry through our structure of customer-dedicated marketing teams and comprehensive product portfolios.

Vision and Mission



IVAN LifeSciences is a Global Pharmaceutical Company whose Vision is to provide High quality medicine and support to all Mankind.



Ivan's mission is to be a leading pharmaceutical company which uses latest technology and innovation to provide high quality medicine to meet everyday needs of all patients.

core value


IVAN LifeSciences laid its foundation on core values that acted as strong pillars in the growth of the company. These values continue to direct the company’s growth and businesses


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