Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Service is one of the core values of IVAN LIFESCIENCES. We have developed a CSR team whose major responsibility is to conduct various awareness programs across the country for the upliftment of underprivileged. In the past years, sincere efforts have been directed towards contributing to serious public awareness on ALLERGIC RHINITIS, encouragement to budding medical minds and offering medical support to underprivileged.
Our CSR team operates with a strong belief in engagement and interaction for the advancement of the society and nation where we conduct business activities. We continuously strive to promote good health, social development and better awareness through various programs like Camps and Patient Education Programs.

We have been working rigorously to raise public awareness on ALLERGIC RHINITIS in India. We have collaborations with many organizations across the country to support underprivileged patients. We encourage and award talents in medical research and development for contributing to a healthier society. Many of our public awareness programs are conducted by our very own CSR team.

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