Specialty Care Division

In Specialty Care Division, Ivan LifeSciences provides a range to antibiotics, fluids and PPI to cater the different needs of Medical Fraternity.
Some of our highlights in Specialty care:-

  • We Launched Cefoperazone and Sulbactum combination in ratio (2:1) which increases spectrum and activity against Nosocomial Infections
  • We Launched Pantoprazole in Amber Color Vial to protect Pantoprazole from light.
  • We Launched Mannitol and Glycerin with FFS technology to cure intra-cranial and intra-ocular pressure.

  • ivazone 1_5gm carton

    Ivazone 1.5gm inj

  • ivatol g carton

    Ivatol G 100ml inj

  • ivaclin 600mg carton

    Ivaclin 600mg inj

  • ivapan

    Ivapan 40mg Inj